Wild Garlic Dip

This wild garlic dip is rich and creamy, packed with amazing flavour, perfect served with crusty bread or crackers and of course super easy to make.

Why you’ll love this recipe

  • This is a foraging recipe so the main ingredient – wild garlic is free and that’s a pretty good start to any recipe.
  • My wild garlic dip isn’t something you can buy in the supermarket, so it’s a wee bit different.
  • The taste, this wild garlic and feta dip is rich and creamy with the salty tang of feta and the earthy hit of wild garlic, you just can’t go wrong.

The complete list of ingredients and full instructions for making this recipe can be found on the printable recipe card at the bottom of this post.

wild garlic leaves and stems

What is wild garlic?

This plant is a British native and has a few other names just to confuse people. It can be called bear leek, bear’s garlic, broad-leafed garlic, wood garlic, buckrams and also ramsons.

It grows in woodland and likes shady spots. You will find the leaves popping out of the ground from March onwards and the gorgeous white flowers appearing in April and May.

You can eat both leaves and flowers of wild garlic.

This is most definitely a plant that ticks all the boxes, enough to make many a plant feel just a tad inadequate by comparison; Not only is it aromatic with a heady scent that fairly rocks the senses, but it is blessed with stunning good looks too.

Those white starbursts of tiny flowers clustered on each stem like fireworks in the soft green gloom.

What does wild garlic taste like?

Taste, well it goes without saying that if you like garlic you will love this plant, And good for you, yes just like garlic this is a power-packed plant.

Ingredients for Wild Garlic Dip

There are only really 5 ingredients in this super simple wild garlic dip recipe.

Wild Garlic – See the foraging notes below please before picking your wild garlic if you are foraging for the first time.

Feta – This Grek cheese is salty in nature and always buy the best quality you can afford. You can even make your own homemade feta cheese using my recipe if you fancy a bit of cheese-making.

Yogurt – this wild garlic dip recipe calls for some Greek yogurt to smooth everything out. Fancy making your own? Then check out my how to make Greek yogurt recipe.

Lemon zest – this really gives that wild garlic a kick and brings out the flavour so don’t miss it out.

Herbs – Of course I love adding herbs to my recipes and I use a little fresh dill and chives in this wild garlic dip recipe. You can use dried herbs but use only half the amount as herbs get stronger in flavor when dried.

Foraging for wild garlic

Don’t pick plants that are beside a road due to traffic pollution. When you are picking wild garlic don’t strip whole plants. Take leaves or flowers from here and there so that plants can carry on growing.

When foraging for any wild plants never strip the plant, leave some for nature. Just take a few leaves from each plant.

How long does wild garlic last? Once you’ve brought your leaves and flowers home you can keep them in a bag in the salad drawer of the fridge for up to 4 days.

How to make wild garlic dip

This is such a simple recipe to make. It is just a case of doing a quick bit of chopping then letting your food processor do the work for you.

I like to use a mini-sized food processor for making dips as the blades get right into the edges of the bowl and it just seems to work better for smaller amounts like dips etc rather than using the full-sized processor.

So, to make your wild garlic dip simply rinse and dry the wild garlic then roughly chop the leaves and thin stems a bit, this is just to make things a wee bit easier for the food processor.

Now throw it into the processor and give it a whirl just to chop up all the leaves finely. Don’t let it run for ages or you’ll get a green mush.

Now add all the other ingredients – lemon zest, Greek yogurt, feta and the herbs with a wee dash of black pepper and whizz again.

This time you want to whizz the food processor till you get a nice smooth consistency.

Note I didn’t add any salt to my wild garlic dip, remember you have feta in there and it contains a lot of salt.

Taste your dip and see if you want to add salt, it is all a matter of taste.

top down shot of bowl of wild garlic dip with wild garlic leaves and flowers above

How much does this make?

I got one bowl of wild garlic dip from this recipe, enough for four of us to share with crisps and a glass of wine.

How long does this keep?

Your wild garlic dip will keep in the fridge in a covered container for up to 4 days. If you have picked extra wild garlic you can bag it up and pop it in the freezer for up to 6 months.

wild garlic on toast with smoked salmon and bowl of dip behind

How to serve wild garlic dip

You can serve this as a dip just in a bowl topped with a few snippings of chives and chive flowers if you happen to have them. It is perfect with crusty bread, crisps and crackers to dip or spread.

This wild garlic dip makes a great sauce with seared salmon.

Add a bowl of wild garlic dip to a mezze sharing platter with other dips like tzatziki or homemade hummus etc.

Spread this wild garlic dip on toast or bruschetta and top with fresh tomatoes, smoked salmon on parma ham for the perfect snack or light lunch.

Add some wild garlic dip to your Greek style lamb wraps instead of the normal tzatzika.

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